BCA Float 30

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Excavation time is by far the biggest contributing factor in avalanche fatalities. By reducing or eliminating burial depth you substantially increase your chances of survival. The Float 30 uses a small cylinder of dry compressed air, a single–chamber 150–liter airbag, and a venturi system to reduce cost and weight. The airbag itself not only helps prevent burial, but protects the head, neck and upper body from trauma. With its location behind the head and away from the hips and arms, it preserves the user’s peripheral vision and his or her ability to escape the avalanche before it picks up speed.

    • Weight: 7.4 pounds/3357 grams (system)
      4.4 pounds/1996 grams (pack only)
    • Volume: 1830 cubic inches/30 liters
    • Torso lengths: 17–22 inches



Whoa! I can't believe someone

Whoa! I can't believe someone would have trouble deploying the airbag! I am 105 pound woman and I have deployed it on three occasions. (Fortunately, all in practice:) Practice being one of the awesome things about The can practice as much as you want (or use it as a party trick) because you can get the cylinder refilled locally which I think is key. I love The Float. I'm able to fit all of my stuff into it and clearly it makes me feel safe! I'd love it if they were going to make some smaller ones as well as I like the side country as well as the backcountry. I highly recommend The Float!

I wrote the last review but

I wrote the last review but for some reason I was not prompted for a name or number or "stars". I'd give the Float 30 4.5 stars.


“The Float tours nicely, sits

“The Float tours nicely, sits comfortably, and has adequate room for extra layers, lunch, and a small first aid and repair kit (I have toured about 25 days with it so far). Besides the obvious safety reasons, I got the Float 30 because I can practice deploying it (which I have done four times, no problem) and I can get my compressed air cylinder replenished locally. This is obviously beneficial for practicing and airline travel as it must be empty prior to boarding the plane. It’s also easier to repack than the other kinds and I like the position of the airbag behind (not surrounding) my head. All in all, this is a great pack, especially considering the reasonable price. I’ve heard they’re coming out with some new sizes next season, which will make them optimal.”

I almost cheaped out and

I almost cheaped out and bought the BCA airbag.  Then I tried it out...  Not only did it feel boxy and only semi-comfortable, when I went to deploy it, it took 3 solid pulls for it to go off.  I don't think I would have the time to fight with the pull cord if I was actually swept away in an avalanche.

good value

good value